Pizza “Campania” at Giovane

Jan 18, 2012Blog Article

This pizza’s kind of a compilation of my 3 best  pizza experiences ever – the brilliant mushroom campagnarde pizza you can get in every cafe on the strip in Juan le Pins while you’re sipping rosee and listening to the jazz festival, my favorite charcuterie pizza topped with a big fat duck egg on the plaza in the sun in Chamonix in the spring with a Blanches des Guides lager,  and the best pancetta pizza I ever ate in a little cafe in Naples on a 2′ table in a 3′ alley on a rickety chair, with a bottle of Taurasi and a bigger bottle of the house chili oil.

this particular pancetta’s made in-house by Atticus, our garde-manger- he’s awesome 😉

now at Giovane…   enjoy…

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