Wine dinner coming up with Quail’s Gate @ Oru

Feb 11, 2012Blog Article

So I’ve been in touch with Roger Sleiman at Quail’s Gate ever since I came aboard here at the PacRim, specifically about getting him to come down to the city so we can cook a dinner together-

Roger and I go way back to working together at La Rua in Whistler in the mid-90’s, and after running into each other again for the first time in a decade, competing at the Gold Plates event a couple years back, we’ve been talking about collaborating on something ever since.

It’s on 😉

We’ve locked down a date- it’s going to be March 29th. That’s also the Dining Out For Life event, so it also contributes to a great cause. Those of you who were at our last wine dinner, and wanted a heads up as to when the next one was going to be- here it is…

if you haven’t attended on of our wine dinners at Oru yet, and you’re interested, contact me quickly, we only host 32 people at our wine dinners, and they’ve been selling out right away…



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