Oru + jason pitschke = chocolate @ oru

Mar 16, 2012Blog Article

So i’ve known Jason Pitschke since we opened Quattro in Whistler 18 or so years ago…

in fact, his first pastry experience was learning how to roll fondant from my mother… he could teach her some stuff about chocolate now though; Jason’s worked with some amazing people since we were ski/snowboard bums back in the 90’s – (he’s the snowboarder)

after Quattro, and Umberto’s, and then opening Cioppino’s with Pino Posteraro, he was mentored by the likes of Thomas Haas and Sylvain Leroy, and ultimately ended up at Daniel in New York, which led to opening Maison Boulud in Beijing, and  attending the École de Grand Chocolat – Valrhona…

check out these passionfruit bonbons he’s been putting out at ORU

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