Mangaro Lait Frangipane Brownie, @ Oru

May 15, 2012Blog Article

Hands down my favourite dessert at Oru;

once again, Jason Pitschke is coming through with some fine chocolate choices…

the Mangaro Lait from Michel Cluizel is a phenomenal milk chocolate- “Premier Cru Plantation” milk chocolate exclusivley made from beans off the Mangaro plantation on the island of Madagascar, and manufactured in Normandy, with caramel tones reminiscent of a Gianduja…

Jason’s used it in a combination of Mangaro Lait Frangipane Brownie, a Chocolate Mousse Bar, Cocoa Nib Tuiles and a Praline Ice Cream.

i know i shouldn’t, but i eat one every day, if that tells you anything 😉

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