Dinner for the Commanderie de Bordeaux

Nov 6, 2012Blog Article

We had the distinct privilege of hosting a dinner for the Commanderie de Bordeaux recently;

as promised, here are pictures of some of the dishes…

Yarrow Meadows duck confit rillete, watermelon radish, pickled mustard seeds

lobster and raw heart of palm, tomato-wasabi gelee, lemongrass custard

pepita crusted Qualicum scallops, braised pumpkin, glazed brussel sprouts, uni butter

Lostock Farms squab, foie gras, charred boretane onion, chestnut polenta

Albertan Sun Gold lamb, cassoullet with house-made maple bacon, charred scallions, preserved lemon gremolata

fig and date sticky toffee pudding, gala apples, candied ginger

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