Burrowing Owl Wine Dinner @ Oru for New Year’s Eve

Nov 21, 2012Blog Article

So we’ve been talking about hosting a wine dinner for Burrowing Owl for ages, and the response to even a tentative event has been overwhelming…

probably 40+ people reached out to me for the special “sign me up now for whenever you decide to do it” deal… for a dinner that seats 30, lol

so we thought, why deprive all these people of the experience… let’s go big, we can do 100+

then we thought, that’s fine, but we can go bigger… let’s do it on New Year’s Eve!!

We ‘ve decided to do exactly that.

stay tuned for more info, we’ll probably chat a bit about some of the dishes and the thougts behind them leading up to the day…, or just contact me directly if you already know you’re interested…

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