New Hazelnut Mangaro Lait Bombe, @ Oru

Jan 13, 2013Blog Article

New dessert menu at Oru this week… this is part of a 3-way tie for me for first place.

(I’ll fill you in on the others soon…)

this is the Mangaro-Lait Bombe – an airy milk chocolate mousse made with Michel Cluizel’s amazing single origin Mangaro Lait Premier Cru, from Madagascar.
Chef JJ first served it to us a while back at our regional Chef and F&B conference, and it was awesome then, but he’s been developing it ever since, and I think it’s just gotten even better.


the super-light bombe has a flour-less chocolate cake base, candied hazelnuts, raspberry pâte de fruit (minus the sugar coating), and raspberry-white chocolate ice cream.

angaro Lait Bombe with Raspberry White Chocolate ice cream

and it’s gluten free, of course…

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