Great pasta incoming on the next shipping can out of Gragnano

Feb 28, 2013Blog Article

Pretty excited, we’ve just placed an order for 60 cases of this DOP Pastificio di Martino spaghetti, along with a few other beautiful cuts; we’ll be getting the majority of our varieties when the shipment arrives in a couple months, but we’ll be featuring a pasta special in giovane every day until then with one of the di Martino pastas we’ve already gotten our hands on…

pastificio di Martino

spaghetti di Martino

first one’s likely to be an elicoidali  (sort of like a skinny rigatoni), with a house-made sun-dried tomato studded Italian sausage that Atticu and the boys in garde-manger came up with, and roasted Village Farms baby San Marzano tomatoes

elicoidali with sundried tomato sausage

giovane's elicoidali with sausage

we’re also featuring a Spaghetti Aglio al Olio with Cotechino meatballs…

spaghetti di Martino

spaghetti di Martino Cotechino

cotechino is another regional favorite in Campania- our interpretation has developed into little  pork sausage meatballs studded with crispy pork cracklings

see you in giovane 😉

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