New season’s pizzas

Mar 23, 2013Blog Article

We’ve been playing with pizzas a bit- ramped up on Village Farms Tomatoes and broke out the Domenica Fiore Riserva, and here’s where we’re at…

pizza margherita

pizza Margherita with Natural Pastures Bufala and Village Farms Tomatoes – this is where the Riserva really shines, just drizzled on raw at the end, its big and spicy enough to hold its own with the tomato…

pizza bianco

Bianco with North Arm Farm fingerlings, garlic confit and Tallegio – I actually like to top this one with a different olive oil from the same farm, Domenica Fiore’s Monaco- a slightly more bitter Canino oil…

pizza diavola

Diavola – house-made Soppressata, chilies and ricotta cheese – back to the spicy Riserva again ūüėČ

pizza campania

Campania – house-made Pancetta, Rabbit River Farms organic egg, mascarpone

pizza funghi

Funghi – truffled mushrooms, garlic, Tallegio; i like a milder oil to finish this one as well, back to the Monaco

pizza capricciosa

Capricciosa – Rabbit River egg, artichokes, prosciutto di Parma, house-made Lonzino, arugula

pizza ham n pineapple

Giovane ham and pineapple- prosciutto di Parma, pineapple, peperoncino

 pizza quattro formaggio

Quattro Formaggio – pesto, fontina, goat’s cheese, Gorgonzola¬†and mozzarella

pizza quattro stagione

Qauttro Stagioni – asparagus, olives, prosciutto di Parma, Village Farms baby San Marzanos

pizza lamb tapenade

Lamb Sausage Tapenade – house-made lamb sausage, fried capers, olives

pizza margherita

still my favourite, though, i think it’s those San Marzanos that do it for me…

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