Spot Prawns, orucuisine, and Organic Ocean

May 24, 2013Blog Article

Now’s the time of year that everyone’s talking about Spot Prawns, and i guess we’re no different 😉

 we’re lucky to have a great relationship with Steve Johansen at Organic Ocean, so we’re right on top of the freshest Spot Prawns in the city (because he’s got the fastest boat, or so he claims), and we get our prawns live every day before dinner service, literally less than an hour out of the water…)

photo by Brian Ceci

photos by Brian Ceci – click for fullscreen HD video

at the end of the day, Steve’s a great guy, very serious about fish and fishing, but even more serious about doing it sustainably and responsibly…

we hung out at the Spot Prawn Festival put on by the BC Chef’s Table Society again this year waiting for him to come in with the first catch, and it was a blast once again; i think there were over 1400 tickets sold…

Rob Clark coming into the dock w Steve

big Prawn

we buy almost all of our fish from Steve, (we tell him ALL of it, but you know how it is, there’s some gray area, lol), and that’s because of how much he cares about doing the right thing by us, by the fishermen, and by the industry in general…

Steve's boat

photo by Brian Ceci – click for video

when you’re buying fish from Organic Ocean, you know it’s sustainable and Oceanwise, you know Steve caught it himslef or knows the fisherman who did, you know it’s impeccably fresh, and you know he’s going to give you a heads up when the next fresh catch is on it’s way in so you can get ready for it…

that’s about all we can ask for – thanks Steve  😉

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