My morning smoothie

Oct 31, 2014Recipes

This isn’t written in stone, but this is one of the smoothies i’ve been doing a lot of lately in the mornings; I typically try to keep them relatively low in acidity, because I’m often drinking one before a mountain bike ride, so its got to sit easy… lots of ginger gives a a really clean finish. Smoothies for rides, I usually bump up the spinach and maybe add some kale, just for more potassium and magnesium.

We like to stock up big around here at the end of the summer on berries and stone-fruit for the freezer- awesome organic blueberries from Hare’s Farm in Pemberton this season, and the nectarines out of the valley were particularly good too, so we’re sitting on 100+ lbs or so of each frozen and smoothie ready – that helps our smoothie selections in mid December

I’m pretty excited – I’m going to start growing my own greens in an Urban Cultivator  in my kitchen right beside the blender!! All of my smoothies will start ending up green, lol – (baby kale, watercress and komatsuna sounds like a good start)

I’ll keep you posted…

morning smoothie
Recipe type: smoothie
Cuisine: Healthy Food
Serves: 1 ltr
one of the smoothies I typically go with to start my day... definitely my go to if I'm about to go for a big mountain bike ride...
  • 120 g (1 cup) frozen blueberries
  • 120 g (1 pitted) frozen nectarine
  • 140 g (1 whole) banana
  • 56 g (1 whole) kiwi
  • 20 g (2 Tbsp) hemp hearts
  • 16 g (1 Tbsp) fresh ginger
  • 6 g (1 tsp) fresh turmeric
  • 40 g (1 cup) fresh spinach
  • 250 ml (1 cup) coconut water
  1. blend all ingredients thoroughly with a strong blender

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