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Brand Ambassador

Over the course of my career, I’ve made a habit of seeking out the best in class of every farmer, fisherman or producer that I could find, and developing great relationships, and doing my utmost to promote them and tell their story. For these key partnerships, I act in the capacity of a brand ambassador, and offer a range of services to help promote your product and brand, whether that’s through developing social media content, recipe development, or personal appearances and demos. By staying true to working with only the best quality brands, I can also ensure that you’re profiled in good company.

Brand Ambassador Services

Custom Landing Page

A custom introduction page and endorsement of your company from the chef’s perspective.

Brand Portfolio Placement

As a client in our Brand Portfolio you’re in carefully curated company of the highest standard, and are presented as a preferred vendor to Chefdbrown Ltd. clients and projects.

Recipe Development (Media Ready)

Recipes developed to your specifications to illustrate and highlight your product, with digital and social media in mind.

Professional Food Photography

Taking your recipes, websites and blog posts to the next level.

Blog Articles

An article of endorsement from Chef Darren Brown’s blog

Video Documentary

Sometimes the best way to tell your story… we’ve shared a long work history with our partner Noravera Visuals and we’ve specialized in showing the passion behind the scenes that makes you stand out.

Brand Portfolio

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