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Food & beverage consulting


I’m a passionate F&B professional, focused on assisting small business development, with an extensive background ranging from small restaurants and cafes to private luxury yachts, mega hotels and multi concept restaurant groups.

I provide what I’d best describe as an “opening & development concierge” service, where I can support my clients all the way from initial concept development, all the way through to “doors open”.


Restaurant openings – F&B consultations / project management

Full restaurant opening support from pre-opening to launch -Your own personal “opening concierge service”.

Concept Development

Creative support driven by an extensive history of developing innovative concepts.

Kitchen Design Consultation

Kitchens designed with a balance of logistics, form & function.

Menu Development

Translating the culinary vision from the concept to the plate.

Training & Team Building

Sharing years of experience to help build a high-performance, passionate team.

Product Sourcing & Procurement

Connecting you with “best in class”, carefully curated vendors.

Operation Assesments, Audits & Troubleshooting

Applying proven operational experience to bettering your operation.




The first day I met Darren I felt like we met the right guy to fit our business! His work ethics and his reliability is definitely on point. I’ve hired a few people before finally hiring Darren and I have to say, this guy has been one of the best guys to work with. Since we’ve started our business, he’s been with us every step of the way, guiding us with his experiences and his recommendations and explanations. When I think about it now, all that comes to mind was how can we have gone this far it hour him. Amazing guy to work with, Keep it up Darren!

Kevin Lai

Harvest Grill 'n' Greens

Darren Brown has been an incredible help to me in opening my first restaurant as the owner. When the time came to open Harvest Grill ’n’ Greens, I realized I wasn’t prepared menu-wise so I called him up and he took my menu and transformed it. It turned from a simple soup and salad restaurant to a complete California style healthy restaurant. Darren was able to tie me into modern healthy cuisine which has been very receptive here in Abbotsford. Darren is extremely professional. It’s amazing what he was able to do in such a short amount of time — convert the menu, set up the floor plan, and essentially take this restaurant to a different league altogether. Without him, Harvest wouldn’t be where it is. It’s great to know that he’s just a phone call away. With Darren on the Harvest team, we’re unstoppable. He’s turned my dream into a reality!

Dion Brisson

The Revel Room

Can’t recommend Chef Brown highly enough.  In a matter of weeks he recruited and trained top notch staff, created and successfully implemented a new dinner menu, and streamlined our ordering and prep procedures which directly and dramatically impacted our bottom line in terms of labour cost and food cost reductions.  This guy definitely goes the extra mile and exceeded all expectations.  In addition to identifying and working to solve immediate issues in our operation, his real value lies in setting up structures, training protocols, software tools and actionable goals that ensure ongoing success beyond the tenure of his contract. He is passionate about what he does and skillful in execution. He’s refreshingly honest and just an all around nice guy.  If he was on Yelp I would give him 5 stars!

Genni Hennessy


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