Research & Development

I have a particular passion for creating and developing new and unique foods and concepts, and an affinity for logistics and precision that draws me to the process of food product R&D. I’ve had the opportunity to work on formulating for large scale production of a retail food line in a retort environment, cold press juice & nut milk formulation, and product & recipe development direct from farm to table. My mission is to deliver “real food” offerings in a retail format.


Vana Life Foods

Vana was a unique project, because it began from a dish I created on a small scale with specially harvested green chickpeas, and then proceeded to be scaled up into a whole shelf stable line of Gluten free, GMO free, vegan meals, in large production runs of 100,000 units at a time in a retort cooking facility, with the end goal being to have the final product on the shelf be as close as possible to the original, and from all the feedback we received it seems we hit the mark…

Revel Juice

Revel was a terrific project where I had the opportunity to formulate recipes for cold pressed juices and nut mylks in conjunction with a licensed dietician so we would also meet specific dietary parameters, but where I was able to really bring some great savoury flavours into the mix as well and come up with something we’re all really proud of…

Village Farms

Village Farms has been close to my heart since the first time I toured through the greenhouses, and in my current role as corporate chef, I have the privilege of working in the kitchen with all of the different varietals we grow, and developing recipes to share with the consumer that best capture the essence and identity of each different type of tomato.

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