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March 8, 2012 / Darren Brown

La Rua Reunion meets Quail’s Gate Dinner at Oru


RD Stewart, from La Rua in Whistler, is coming down to cook the Quail’s Gate dinner with us.

RD, Roger and I all worked together in the kitchen at La Rua many, many, many years ago…

we all ran into each other again when they teamed up to compete against me in the Gold Plates competition a couple of years back; (ok, to be fair it was also against about 12 other chefs) 😉 

anyways, no hard feelings because none of us won, although if they had taken it, I probably would have had to call out the ringer from La Rua, cooking at the Quail’s Gate table…

so now we’re doing it again, but all on the same team…

there’s spring onions and fiddleheads on the horizon, wild boar bacon being smoked and coho gravlax curing… 

Roger’s already planning the charred octopus dish he wants to pair with the new Rosée they’ll release the evening of the dinner, and I haven’t even really talked to RD yet to see what he’s thinking, but i’ll bet it’s got something to do with game…

yup, i’m excited.

(drop me a quick msg if you’re interested in coming, it’s march 29th, we’re half full already and there’s still 3 weeks to go…)

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