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May 12, 2012 / Darren Brown

spot prawn ceviche

I know everybody is talking about Spot Prawns this week, and it looks like i’m going to jump on that bandwagon as well…

First off, huge shout out to Steve Johansen at Organic Ocean for taking such good care of us- he’s phenomenal. he’s in from his daily catch by noon and we have live prawns by 2 or 3 every day, and he’s keeping us in prawns no matter how much we move, when i know the seasons pretty tight, so we owe him big time.

thanks Steve…

down in the Lobby Lounge sushi bar, we’re going through 40+ pounds a day, so fair to say they’re popular. i figure most locals probably have spot prawn season marked in their calendars, lol

here’s something we’re doing in the lounge, courtesy of Will Lew (anybody who’s frequented the Lobby Lounge, Giovane, or as of a couple days ago, the Poolside BBQ, has probably had the experience of having Will custom cooking something for them at some point, because he really hates having to stick to a menu 😉 )

Spot Prawn Çeviche – Cucumber, Melon & Dragonfruit Salsa, Plantain Chips, Kabosu Vinaigrette

(Kabosu is a Japanese citrus fruit, comparable to a green yuzu fruit, slightly more aromatic)

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