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January 14, 2013 / Darren Brown

another new Ocean Wise dish in the works @ Oru …

 Here’s a quick preview of another dish we’ve been working on in Oru-

Egmont Sturgeon and Bella-Bella Hump-backed Prawn Cassoulet, topped with local Caviar…

Sturgeon and Humpback Shrimp

the Sturgeon is from an Ocean Wise hatchery in Egmont, and these Hump-backed prawns from Bella-Bella are really nice – something Steve Johansen at Organic Ocean just turned me onto for the first time about a month ago- they’re quite meaty, not as sweet as the side-stripes and spot prawns, and they specifically work really well in the cassoulet because it’s cooked down with a prawn bisque base…

jan 4 2013 062

we use our own house-made maple bacon to bring it some sweetness, and finish it full circle with some Northern Divine Caviar, a sustainable, Ocean Wise caviar from white sturgeon in Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast…

Sturgeon, Prawns and Caviar

 this is going to be on a tasting menu the whole month of February, (after Dine-Out Vancouver, but we’ll talk more about that later 😉

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