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January 18, 2013 / Darren Brown

new, improved lunch-time Bento Box in Oru – 100% Ocean Wise…

we’ve recently seen that our bento box has become the top selling dish in Oru at lunch as of late, but we decided we could still improve on it…

oru bento box

so, we made it better 😉 

check out the new, improved Oru Bento Box…

Oru Bento Box

It still has the original California Roll, the Lois Lake Steelhead Sashimi, the Wild Albacore Sashimi, and the Miso Soup…

we’ve added Lobster Temari Sushi, Spicy Qualicum Scallop Temari, Soy-Miso Sablefish in Inari Pockets, Age-Dashi Tofu with Katsuo-Bushi, and Maple-Miso glazed Fraser Valley Pork Belly…

Oru Bento Box

It’s a lot more food, much better selection, still the same price, and of course,

100% Ocean Wise

swing by and check it out, let me know what you think

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