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January 25, 2013 / Darren Brown

full scale Saxophone cake by Michelle, our crazy cake artist…

Michelle Borne can knock out a cake.

JJ, our pastry chef, gave her 20 hours to do this, and she pulled it off…

for those who don’t spend everyday around cakes getting built,

let’s just say that that’s pretty quick…

jan 12 012

the request was for a full scale saxophone cake for a party honoring Vancouver’s King of Swing, Dal Richards

jan 12 006

jan 12 016


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  1. popculturebaking / Jan 26 2013 3:43 am

    this. is. amazing. its so detailed!

  2. memere3 / Jan 26 2013 11:58 am

    This is outstanding. Having worked in this medium before, I can attest to what an amazingly ‘seamless’ work of art this is, pun intended!

  3. Dish With Clarissa / Jan 26 2013 2:25 pm

    Wow, the patience and talent to make such a cake has just blown me away!

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