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March 23, 2013 / Darren Brown

giovane pizzas

we’ve been playing with the pizzas in giovane a bit- here’s where we’re at…

pizza margherita

pizza Margherita with Natural Pastures Bufala and Village Farms Tomatoes

pizza bianco

Bianco with North Arm Farm fingerlings, garlic confit and Tallegio

pizza diavola

Diavola – house-made Soppressata, chilies and ricotta cheese

pizza campania

Campania – house-made Pancetta, Rabbit River Farms organic egg, mascarpone

pizza funghi

Funghi – truffled mushrooms, garlic, Tallegio

pizza capricciosa

Capricciosa – Rabbit River egg, artichokes, prosciutto di Parma, house-made Lonzino, arugula

pizza ham n pineapple

Giovane ham and pineapple- prosciutto di Parma, pineapple, peperoncino

 pizza quattro formaggio

Quattro Formaggio – pesto, fontina, goat’s cheese, Gorgonzola and mozzarella

pizza quattro stagione

Qauttro Stagioni – asparagus, olives, prosciutto di Parma, Village Farms baby San Marzanos

pizza lamb tapenade

Lamb Sausage Tapenade – house-made lamb sausage, fried capers, olives

pizza margherita

still my favourite, though, i think it’s those San Marzanos that do it for me…

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