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May 21, 2013 / Darren Brown

Northern Divine Caviar at the Rare Finds Gala

Northern Divine Caviar really stepped up and helped us out with caviar contributions at the Rare Finds Foundation Gala at Van Dusen Gardens a couple weeks back- just finally getting a chance to catch up on some blogs, and this was top of mind to say a huge thanks!!!

RareFinds Thank you

the Foundation was able to raise over $110,000 that evening, and that will all go towards finding solutions for children suffering from rare diseases, so it’s an absolutely fantastic cause…

a big thanks to all our fellow Chefs, and the incredibly generous attendees who came out and showed their support!!

Rare Finds 2013 021 

our relatively humble contribution was to come out and try to do something “rare and exciting” in the theme of the evening, so we gave it a good effort, with Northern Divine Caviar, Bella-Bella Humpback Shrimp, and a textural twist with Sawmill Bay Oysters’ Read Island Gems, that we dropped into liquid nitrogen on the spot and smashed into shards of frozen briny pebbles…

Rare Finds Event

that got people’s attention, lol.

Rare Finds 2013 048

Northern Divine has impressed me with more than just their diligence and care for the environment and the seafood community, although that’s readily apparent as they’re recognized as North America’s first Organic and Oceanwise sustainable caviar operation…

it’s also about the care, time attention they’ve put in to accomplish all those efforts and couple them with producing a great caviar; it’s already an impressive feat to be sustainable and recognized as such by Oceanwise, Seachoice, and Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch, and as Chefs and consumers we’re offered an opportunity to do the right thing with a local sustainable product, but on top of all that, the caviar’s great, so it makes for an easy choice to commit to…

having used a lot of Northern Divine Caviar over the past few years, I’m consistently finding it to be very clean and firm, with a pronounced brine that’s got none of those muddy tones that can really take away from a great caviar experience, and most importantly, I get that every time, so kudos to the folks behind the scenes…

Northern Divine and Sawmill Bay

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