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August 16, 2014 / Darren Brown

Sea to Sky Caponata at the Squamish Farmer’s Market

The boys and I went and did our thing at the Farmers Market here in Squamish today…

I promised a lot of you a recipe- so here you are – just click the link below…

sea to sky caponata-2


Basically we went around in the morning and shopped at all the booths from the local farmers and put together a little Caponata-


Heirloom carrots and squash came from Pemberton Wild


We got romesco, zucchini, and purple cauliflower from Ogre Acres Farms,
(The kids thought that was pretty cool) –


Good Time Farms contributed beautiful heirloom tomatoes, huge spring onions and sweet peppers…


At Laughing Crow we found broad beans, garlic and gorgeous baby sweet onions..


And last but not least, Christy’s bakery had a perfect rosemary potato loaf and a Tuscan loaf for grilled crostini


Ended up looking like this…


And this was how we got to that point…





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  1. Mark / Aug 17 2014 9:11 pm

    Great shots, very inspiring for the boys I am sure. Good job!

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